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Solo Traveling in Puerto Vallarta

The thing I hate the most about returning from Puerto Vallarta is that my Scruff and Grindr grid switches from beautiful and diverse to basic and flavorless. I have been going to PV for a few years now. The first time was my birthday in 2020 - right when things were starting to close because of Miss Rona. I've had such a pleasant experience that I've been spending my Christmas/New Years' holiday there ever since. What I love most about this Mexican town is that it's a safe space for gays. While there are cishet families who also vacation there, it is gay men who predominantly go there. I stay in or fairly close to Zona Romantica (aka the old town). It is charming and right by Los Muertos beach. There are plenty of places to eat, shop, party, and attractions, that are very LGBT-friendly. There are also plenty of public art and murals all over.  While I wouldn't consider it "pedestrian-friendly" - almost all of the places are walkable. In fact, you will walk

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