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Why I Will Never Book With Expedia Again

I have 2 trips coming up. Next month I will be in Mexico for Christmas and New Year. I will be traveling alone and will be my first Christmas away from my family. I did pay significantly more for this trip after some miscalculation on my part - and I'm having some regret and apprehension about this whole trip.  I've been wanting to cancel the trip altogether - and I did, but the airlines will not refund me my airfare. I should have checked on this first, before canceling my accommodations. When I was informed by the booking company, Expedia, that I couldn't get a refund, I tried to "uncancel" the cancelation but was told that I'd have to rebook the hotel. Since it is so close to the trip, of course, the rate is much higher... $200 higher! So I ended up paying $200 more for this trip even though the cancelation was less than 30 minutes earlier. When I asked the agent about the price change, I was told that the rate was due to demand. Never mind that I was merel

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