Silence of the Octopi

Ever wondered what would happen if you gifted one of your animal villagers another animal of their kind? 

Here's what happened when I gave Octavian, an octopus, an octopus. Watch the video below.

Reese And Cyrus Wedding Photos

The Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is officially over. While I enjoyed taking photos of Reese and Cyrus, I was a bit disappointed by the available reward items. By the end of the month, I still had plenty of heart crystals left (I did go to Harv's Island almost every day). 

Here are some of the photos I took of the Reese and Cy.

Cute Theme:
Pink and white. I used a lot of candles and placed them all over the space. I also used all of the pink items that are in my inventory, including items from the Easter and Sakura events. I put studio lights on the left and the right sides of the room, turned off the overhead lights, and set the filter to "Film". 

It's goth but pink!

City Theme: Beige and neutral colors. I used most of the wedding items in the category but unable to decorate the walls as much as I wanted to. The walls in this setting limited what I can do. I wasn't as creative as I should have. This was also the first time I added other villagers as guests. I also nixed the wedding arch to give it more of the wedding reception look.

Again, I used the "Film" filter but used the overhead lights with the yellow tones. 

Not the best, and I'm okay with it.

Garden Theme: Yellow and brown. I used a lot of the log items, especially the log stools to place the candles. Instead of the church benches, I used the dining chairs to give it a more outdoor look. Learning from my mistake during the City Theme photoshoot, I ignored conventional knowledge and just placed wall items even with the prairie background, but strategically added some customized simple panels. 

In another version, I used hay beds all around, along with all of the plants I have in my inventory. I used the log stools, which is my favorite item to use for decorating spaces. 

Check out the rest of my photos:

Food Stall Alley

I made a food stall alley in Animal Crossing!

I was inspired by the island created by Instagram user: Animal Crossing Fashion Archive. I'm not exactly sure how they did it, but I tried to recreate it as best as I can. The key thing about decorating your island for Instagram is employing a lot of forced perspective (optical illusion), of course, the gameplay suffers. 

Here's one of the alleys on my island (featuring my favorite villager, June):

300 Hours of Animal Crossing New Horizon

What my island looks like after 300 hours of gameplay:

my island doesn't spawn enough hybrid flower

You would think that after almost 3 months of playing that my island would look like the amazing ones featured on this YouTube channel


My island, Shinjavik (named after my 2 favorite cities: Reykjavik and Shinjuku) despite being a 5-star island is as basic as they come.

Terraforming is intimidating and so time-consuming that I've only managed to make a huge waterfall on the front of my island.

Certainly nothing worth writing about. How are other people doing it? Why is their island look so amazing? What's their secret? 

Finaly! After 2 Years

I just finished my Patreon profile - after 2 years!

It is "live" now but I'm still fine-tuning it. I will add content from my illustration archives, which are mostly are stuff that I couldn't share on here lest I get demonetized. And lately, I've been getting a lot of those "Policy Violations" emails - which are vague and not helpful at all. 

I have been a blogger since I was a teen and at one point mildly famous on Livejournal. Someday I'll share the story behind that, and why it was a traumatic experience.

A lot has changed and keeping up with the technology behind social media is a full-time job on its own. I am barely keeping up. A far cry from the early days when I can brag that I was an early adaptor. Even with my real job in marketing communication, there are some platforms that I'm still trying to learn how to effectively use. 

Anyway, that is it for now. Follow me on all of my active social media accounts to stay up to date with all of the things that are keeping me busy. Thank you for stopping by. 

-- Callen