Recovering from Crypto Crash and My NFTs

Back in April of this year (2022), I was in the early process of creating my own NFTs. I was learning everything I can about minting NFTs, how it actually works, and all of the logistics associated. While intimidating, I found it engrossing and really devoted quite some time to making sure that I do it right. Little did I know that the NFT and Crypto world would come crashing down a few weeks later.

Needless to say, my venture into prospecting the blockchain has been put on hold. Not to mention that my crypto wallet is worth a third of what was just 3 months ago. It is also why I haven't updated this site since then. 

I am thankful that the loss, while significant, was something that I could recover from. Although, it might take a while. I guess I won't be quitting my real job anytime soon.

If you feel inclined, I will take some donations either via PayPal or Venmo (@iam_callen).