Art Dump: Spring 2022 Part 3

Art has always been a thing that humans did, expressing ourselves and our emotions through different forms of creative expression. But now, we've got a new type of art that's been emerging: AI-assisted art.

Basically, AI-assisted art is when computers use fancy algorithms to create and manipulate images, sounds, and other cool stuff that we'd call "art." These algorithms learn from massive amounts of data to create art that's super pretty and makes us feel things.

But what about artists? Do these fancy computers mean that humans won't be making art anymore? Or does it open up new opportunities for artists to work with machines and create even cooler stuff?

This one certainly looks less like an illustration. Smart portrait filters are definitely stepping up my artwork. I'm not mad at it. See the original version on my Instagram.

Some people argue that AI-assisted art takes away from the authenticity and uniqueness of human creativity. After all, art has always been a way for us to show off our own special perspective on the world. If we're just relying on computers to make art for us, where's the individuality in that?

But others say that AI can actually help artists be even more creative. By working with machines, they can explore new styles and techniques that they wouldn't have thought of on their own. Plus, it challenges our traditional ideas of what "art" is and what it can be.

As we continue to experiment with AI-assisted art, we'll have to think more about what it means for creativity and the human experience. But one thing's for sure: it's both a challenge and an opportunity for artists to push their limits and make something really amazing.