Update on my Expedia ordeal

Happy New Year!

I recently got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I spent Christmas and New Years. I like Puerto Vallarta. It's a nice town that really caters to the gays - which makes for some really interesting encounters. 

I was hesitant to go on this vacation, to the point that I have canceled it with Expedia. I am not a cheap person, but I also do not like the idea of forfeiting the money I spent on my plane ticket since they were non-refundable and non-changeable. If you've read my last post, you'll know that my dealings with Expedia was a debacle and an ordeal - which resulted in me paying $200 more to "un-cancel" it. It was a lesson learned. 

With most of Asia still not open to foreigners (and rightfully so), I was nervous about my to Japan in March. My friend Trent and I decided that we try and go someplace else. The plan is to find a flight in Chicago, where our layover would be, to any other destination that would allow foreigners/tourists. Since he has very little desire to go to Mexico, we thought that we'll just go somewhere in Europe. 

You might be wondering why we just don't go anywhere - we're still in a pandemic, after all. That's a very valid point! 

Again, since the trip was booked with Expedia, while we can cancel and get a refund on the accommodations, it would be impossible to get a refund on the airfare. We decided that we're okay with paying for another flight but not with completely forfeiting our original tickets. 

After spending a whole day going back and forth with Expedia, American Airlines, and Japan Airlines, we have reached a suitable solution and one where I wouldn't have to forfeit what I paid for for our plane tickets. Assuming that this pandemic doesn't shut down the rest of Europe again, in March I will be going back to Spain. 

While the I still ended up losing money - the trip insurance was non-refundable and some other fees - it was still preferable to not getting anything at all. I still will not book my flights with Expedia moving forward.