Why I Will Never Book With Expedia Again

I have 2 trips coming up. Next month I will be in Mexico for Christmas and New Year. I will be traveling alone and will be my first Christmas away from my family. I did pay significantly more for this trip after some miscalculation on my part - and I'm having some regret and apprehension about this whole trip. 

I've been wanting to cancel the trip altogether - and I did, but the airlines will not refund me my airfare. I should have checked on this first, before canceling my accommodations. When I was informed by the booking company, Expedia, that I couldn't get a refund, I tried to "uncancel" the cancelation but was told that I'd have to rebook the hotel. Since it is so close to the trip, of course, the rate is much higher... $200 higher! So I ended up paying $200 more for this trip even though the cancelation was less than 30 minutes earlier.

When I asked the agent about the price change, I was told that the rate was due to demand. Never mind that I was merely rebooking the old room that I had given up a few minutes earlier. Supply and demand. Once again, capitalism failed me. 

No one even offered me any sort of consolation for this whole ordeal. I understand that there are rules and I should have read the fine print, etc., but surely, there must be something that they could have offered me. It just seemed so unfair. 

The whole experience just left me with a lot of resentment towards Expedia, and so, I am no longer booking any of my future travels through them. This is such a shame since I've always used their service for all of my travels since 2008. 

My other trip, also booked through Expedia, will be in March. I will be visiting Japan again. This time, I will be joined by my friend Trent. I am excited to show him around Tokyo, as well as discover things that I missed when I was there in 2019.