Tips on How To Efficiently Farm Nook Miles

Do you need more Nook Miles before the Animal Crossing New Horizons update comes out? I tried a Twitter user @berr_acnh advice on how to efficiently farm Nook Miles in one weekend.

Tools in your pocket

You want to start with the following items in your pockets (I will go into more detail on this throughout the thread). Tools (fishing rod, net, watering can, axes, slingshot, wetsuit, and shovel), workbench, customization kits, flower seeds, saplings, fruit, hot items, and changing room.

You might also find it helpful to keep one pipe inside your house and another outside of Nooks Cranny.

Then, you want to start by completing the Nook Miles+ Tasks that you are given! Keep in mind the first 5 of the day will all have multipliers. To make this more fun, try timing yourself to see how many Nook Miles you can get in an hour (or however long you plan to play for).

By just having tools in your pocket, you’ll be able to complete these tasks:

  • catch 5 (or a specific) bug(s)
  • catch 5 (or a specific) fish
  • water 8 flowers 
  • hit a rock 5 times
  • shoot down a balloon
  • chop down a tree
  • chop 10 wood

I want to mention that while on the beach completing fishing tasks, you might find it beneficial to collect shells and dig up clams, in order to use them for other Nook Mile+ tasks. 

  • sell 10 shells
By carrying around a workbench and digging up clams, you will easily be able to complete another nook mile+ task: 

Make 3 DIY items - I always complete this task by crafting 3 fishbait. This also makes it easier to fish next time you get a fishing task!

Carrying a workbench and customization kits is also helpful for this task:

  • Customize 2 items  (I highly recommend customizing the tools you’ve been using for two reasons. 

    1. they only use 1 customization kit each instead of using multiple, and 
    2. your tools will last longer!

Flower seeds, saplings, and fruit. Having these in your pockets will help you complete these tasks:

  • plant 3 flowers
  • plant 1 sapling
  • plant 1 fruit tree
  • sell 5 fruit 

(I normally start off with 10 of the same flowers, 5 saplings, and 10-20 of my native fruit.)

Hot items! You can check this before you start or while you are farming for nook miles and are near nooks. I like to start with 2 or 3 hot items already in my pocket, and I will wait to sell them until I see this task:

  • Sell a hot item

Be careful not to sell hot items when you see this task: 

  • Sell items for 5,000 bells

Instead, complete that task by selling bugs and fish you’ve had to catch, or fossils you’ve assessed by completing other tasks.

If there are furniture items, wallpapers, or floorings you want to buy from Nooks on this day, wait until you see this task!! If not, I recommend buying more customization kits, tools, or other things that will help you complete nook mile tasks.

If you don’t have not assessed fossils, look for your daily fossils while completing other tasks. I like to drop mine outside my museum until I see this task appear:

  • Get 3 fossils assessed.

If you keep a changing room item in your pocket, it makes it way faster to complete this task:

  • Change your outfit using your closet

Other self-explanatory tasks include:

  • Talk to 3 villagers (I try to do this while running around completing other tasks.)


  • Take a photo (I normally take a picture that I immediately delete)

The only other task you could get is :

  • Spend 500 nook miles - I avoid this task when trying to earn nook miles, but if there’s something you were planning on getting anyways, then wait until this task appears!

And that’s all of the Nook Mile+ Tasks Smiling face with smiling eyes I always look at the 5 and try to prioritize them according to what I can do the quickest or group together! 

Keeping a pipe outside of Nooks helps when your pockets get full/make it easier to get to and from your storage.