Late in the Game: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Another "late in the game" review. This is also another one that I have not yet finished, despite having owned it since March. 

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin came out in late 2020. It is a beautiful game, aesthetically. The storyline is good as well. Gameplay is good, especially the fightings. However... the rice planting/farming part, well... it's a little challenging. 


Spoiled harvest goddess Sakuna finds herself banished from her opulent celestial home to an island overrun with demons. In the untamed wilderness, she must rediscover her birthright as the daughter of a warrior god and harvest goddess by weathering the elements, fighting monsters, and cultivating rice, the source of her power. By her side in this forbidding place is her guardian Tama and a group of outcast humans. Together, these unlikely companions must join hands to tame both the soil and the demons of Hinoe Island.

Screengrab: dinner scene from Sakuna. (Nintendo Switch)


While I am yet to finish this game (and I don't know when I will), I do appreciate this game a lot. As someone who is not very good at gaming (I am a gamer, just not a very good one), I find some of the key combinations a little difficult to remember (me and my short attention span). I also keep forgetting the ingredients in the pantry and not really sure how to make the best use of the compost/fertilizers. 

As I mentioned earlier in this post, it is a beautiful game and I would like to play it more... if I could just figure out where the difficulty setting is.