Late In The Game: Reviewing Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Disclaimer: I started playing this game back in April. I'm yet to beat/finish it. 

About the game:
Our story focuses on a circus performer called Raji, who sets out to rescue her younger brother Golu after he’s kidnapped by demons under Lord Mahabalasura’s command. Taking sympathy for her plight, Raji receives assistance to stop this demonic invasion from the goddess of war herself, Durga, who joins forces with Lord Vishnu to narrate this adventure from afar. 

As Raji progresses through the adventure, she acquires other weapons: a bow, a sword and shield, and a boomerang-like projectile. In the menus, one can equip different modifiers that add a variety of elemental attacks — fire, lightning, etc. For the first chunk of the game, one has only the Trishul and the bow. The Trishul is best used when fighting against enemies in cramped spaces while the bow is effective at dispatching enemies at a distance.

That is as far as I can say about the game since I am yet to finish it. I do find it difficult at times, especially trying to understand the weapons menu and powering them up. But it is a visually stunning game.