Korean Beauty Products I Swear By

this is what i look like. photo taken last week.

I guess I'm a beauty blogger now? LOL

This morning, one of the office gays asked if I had Botox recently. While some people might be offended by this, I took it as a compliment (because we should assume goodwill, right?). He was quick to explain that he only asked because my skin looks great. 

So instead of trying to analyze his intent, I just sent him an email listing all of the products I use - most of which are K Beauty products. When it comes to skincare, I trust the Koreans. Below is a list of products I swear by:

The other thing that may have contributed to my skin being on point in recent years is that I hardly drink alcohol and don't really go out to the bars anymore. Ever since I've embraced my video game/anime nerd persona, I've stayed in more most weekend nights. 

So, I guess you could say that I looked good because I became a nerd.