Creating a Bear Island Paradise

There is no denying that Animal Crossing New Horizon helped me get through quarantine. Hundreds, if not thousands of hours spent creating my perfect island have given me a sense of control during this whole pandemic. With the terraforming tool, I must have redesigned my island at least 5 times.

Something that I had recently discovered in the game is the ability to essentially "kick out" a villager. While I love all of my original villagers, I am ready to shake things up a little up. 

MY CURRENT VILLAGERS - Who should I kick out?

  1. Maddie is the newest villager to move in, and I'm sorry to say that I'm just not into her. 
  2. Boomer is one of my first villagers. Despite his unfortunate name, I like this lazy penguin.
  3. Jacques has been on my island for quite some time now. He doesn't really add anything to the gameplay. His personality is meh, and his house is kind of plain.
  4. I'd hate to see Monique go, as I love her sassy attitude and her house is really cute too.
  5. I know Marshall is a popular one, but I think that will make it easier to let him go. I don't want a villager that everyone else has.
  6. Gala is a cutie. I really like how she's rendered, and we have the same birthday. Maybe that's more of a reason to let her go.
  7. Octavian and Zucker will be difficult to let go. I've had Octavian immediately after my first 3 villagers (Antonia, Boomer, and Celia), and I'm kind of attached to him and his cranky old man personality. Zucker is a newer addition that I tolerated because of Octavian.


For the love of Tom Nook, do not fence your villager in or hit them. The best way to move them out is by using an Amiibo card. 
  1. Use an Amiibo card to invite a potential villager to the campsite.
  2. Invite them 3 times.
  3. Once they accept the request to move in and there are already 10 villagers on the island, they will come back saying that there isn't enough room for him/her to move in.
  4. The Player then can choose one of the villagers currently living on the island to negotiate about moving out. That villager will pack up, ready to move out.
  5. Your new villager will be moved in after 2 days.


I already have 2 bears living on my island. June, who is my favorite villager of all time - mostly because she's my first villager on New Leaf. And Tammy, which reminds me of those "tough high school girl gangsters" in animes. 

I have several  Amiibo cards of bear villagers, but not enough to replace all of the other non-bear villagers that I have. I might have to take a chance on the 2 or 3 villagers to move out on their own and hopefully find bears in the Nook Miles islands.