Reese And Cyrus Wedding Photos

The Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is officially over. While I enjoyed taking photos of Reese and Cyrus, I was a bit disappointed by the available reward items. By the end of the month, I still had plenty of heart crystals left (I did go to Harv's Island almost every day). 

Here are some of the photos I took of the Reese and Cy.

Cute Theme:
Pink and white. I used a lot of candles and placed them all over the space. I also used all of the pink items that are in my inventory, including items from the Easter and Sakura events. I put studio lights on the left and the right sides of the room, turned off the overhead lights, and set the filter to "Film". 

It's goth but pink!

City Theme: Beige and neutral colors. I used most of the wedding items in the category but unable to decorate the walls as much as I wanted to. The walls in this setting limited what I can do. I wasn't as creative as I should have. This was also the first time I added other villagers as guests. I also nixed the wedding arch to give it more of the wedding reception look.

Again, I used the "Film" filter but used the overhead lights with the yellow tones. 

Not the best, and I'm okay with it.

Garden Theme: Yellow and brown. I used a lot of the log items, especially the log stools to place the candles. Instead of the church benches, I used the dining chairs to give it a more outdoor look. Learning from my mistake during the City Theme photoshoot, I ignored conventional knowledge and just placed wall items even with the prairie background, but strategically added some customized simple panels. 

In another version, I used hay beds all around, along with all of the plants I have in my inventory. I used the log stools, which is my favorite item to use for decorating spaces. 

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