More Custom Content for The Sims

I made this last night while caucusing.

Maison Kitsuné "Fox Head" Sweatshirt

This was created using The Sims 4 Studio to extract the item. Then recolored in Adobe Photoshop. The design was created in Procreate. Then imported back to The Sims 4 Studio to package the layers together, before uploading to the game as custom content. I could just do the recoloring and design process in Procreate, but I find that Photoshop works better on Fill/Adjustment years. I do want the file size to be smaller, however. I might have to do this all in Photoshop or make that the last step - as it has the ability to reduce the file size. Maybe Procreate can do that, but I have not figured out how.

Yes, I know his hair is “problematic”.

Kenzo "Eye" pullover. (It doesn't work well on bigger Sims.)

Maison Kitsuné "Palais Royale" pullover