Japan Trip: What I Ate

The first thing I ate right after I landed was a bowl of ramen. 

This is takoyaki with fish flakes and seaweed garnish and some sort of mayonnaise drizzle. I had this at the Fushimi Inari shrine. 

The next 2, I ate during the same meal. 

On my way back to Tokyo, I ate at a cafe at the Kyoto station. 

This was at a restaurant in Shinjuku. You're not allowed to take photos or videos inside this place. But I did not see the sign until after I posted these on my Instagram stories.

I've always wondered what those rolled eggs were like. They're a staple in many slice-of-life anime I've seen in recent years. Were they good? No.

The next 2 were from the same restaurant. 

Tempura lunch with the Luxemburgian friend I made. This was at a department store in Shibuya.