Japan Trip Day 3: Kyoto Day 1 Part 2

One of the good things about traveling alone is that you're forced to make friends. I met some really nice people while in Kyoto. I met a gay couple (a German and Argentine) who invited me to dinner and hung out with an Ecuadorian studying at Kyoto University. They all made my time Kyoto very memorable.

On my first day in Kyoto, I went to Arashiyama (see the previous post). But before that, I made a quick stop in Fushimi-ku, at the Inari-taisha. The bus system was a bit confusing. I thought that I got on a JR owned bus (and could have used my JR Pass). Instead, I rode a bus owned by some other company and had to pay 230 Yen - which, I didn’t have the exact change. Once again, I was a bumbling tourist. Good thing that the driver was nice about.

Takoyaki (octopus balls)
About a mile off of the bus stop you would see a giant torii gate at the shrine’s entrance. I didn’t make it past the first shrine as the number of tourists already on site gave me anxiety. I wanted to venture further back where Senbon torri were located, but since it was open 24 hours, I figured I could come back later. I just took a quick video and ate some takoyaki (octopus balls).

I checked out a few shops for some souvenirs, but nothing really caught my eye. I was annoyed with myself for arriving late. Hours of watching YouTube videos on Japan travel did not prepare me for how exhausting it would be. I think that people who are not able-bodied or not physically fit would have a hard time navigating Japan as a tourist.

The whole trip made me think about my own fitness and how I should really start working out more. I enjoy traveling, but it would be hard if I'm constantly tired and have little energy. I should also work on keeping my anxiety in check.

Here is a short video from that excursion.

By the time I left Arashiyama, I was already exhausted and in pain from a blister on my right foot. I spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening looking for a pharmacy to get some Neosporin, or whatever its Japanese version was.

My apologies for this "shit post".