Summer is over... right?

Summer isn't officially over until September 23, but it is already starting to feel like fall. I feel like I have not been productive at all this past couple of months. It is hard to feel motivated during the summer. But it wasn't like I was out enjoying the sun either. I was cooped up in my air-conditioned room with 2 fans on me. Simply put, it was just too hot to do anything.

Anyway... here's something that I finished recently (after months of working on it).

Also, I'm no longer allowed to post the "peen" on this site anymore. I've been warned by the powers that be. I might have to do the Patreon route - I do need to start making some sort of profit from this art thing. So, if you would like to commission an illustration, or if you'd like to be a patron my artwork, please do so through my PayPal or via Venmo.