Fall is here and I feel like I'm falling apart

Okay... the title was a bit melodramatic. 

It is the first day of autumn. Today I am back to wearing cold-weather clothing, after a week of mid-80’s temperature. This makes me happy since I love wearing layers, which works very well at the office. It is like an icebox there. In fact, it is so cold in there that I started wearing (fingerless) gloves.

But it seems that the chill that I am feeling in my hand, particularly my right pinky, might be symptomatic of something more serious. Either I have rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, or diabetic. Maybe all of the above.

That’s the thing about looking up your symptoms online - something so benign could be a sign of something worse. It’s easy to get freaked out about it. Either way, I really should get more serious about my health and wellness.

While my alcohol intake has decreased to 0 in the last 3 months, my sugar intake has gone up significantly. I also have not been very consistent with exercise. I was on the elliptical machine for only 15 minutes, when I used to be able to go for 45. I’m deceptively fit, but that could be going away soon too. I’ve noticed that some of my clothes no longer fit me as well. This is despite being the same size since high school.

 I guess I’m just getting older.

Autumn, my illustration.