Art Dump: Headless Torsos

Guys on Grindr be like...

I was back on the apps (Grindr and Scruff) for about 2 months. Nothing has changed. It is still littered with headless torsos, spam bots, and local catfishers. 

If there weren't spammers (stuff that the developers can control) I think these apps would be great. Not much can be done with catfishers and headless torsos.

Not without infringing on people's privacy. But then again, should we expect privacy when we use these apps?

There has got to be a way for apps to ensure discretion, privacy, and anonymity of their users. But then again, you have to consider the safety of the users. It's complicated to think about.

Anyway, I deleted the apps. I might reinstall it when I go to Amsterdam and Paris in March.

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