Don't Be A Hater: Clearing Your Subconscious Negativity

It is a challenge when you're surrounded by negativity every day. You get caught up in other people's negativity and the next thing you know: you're on a hate-binge and saying horrible things about another person. And when you catch yourself saying all of those horrible things, your hatred for that person levels up because they're somehow responsible for turning you into a hateful monster.

How do you get out it? How do you break the cycle of hate?

At the beginning of the year, I started listening to some guided meditation videos on YouTube. I listen to them passively, sort of like incidental music. I listen to them while at work, or in bed before I fall asleep. Then I discovered an 8-hour "sleep hypnosis" version.

While I don't believe in hypnotherapy, I can appreciate the positive affirmations that I receive while sleeping. I can't say for sure that it's working, but it helps me relax and calm down. My goal is to not fill my mind with hate when someone is being hateful to me.

It is an ongoing battle, and it is definitely a challenge not to act on my first impulse - to judge and make negative assumptions about someone. But when I do slip up, I also have to be kind to myself and learn from my mistakes.