Hello Insomnia!

Tfw you're so tired and you just want to go to sleep, but you took your Adderall late in the day and now must battle with insomnia. This happens so frequently that you would think that I'd learn to take my meds earlier in the day. Nope. That is not how I roll. 

Instead, I'm updating, or I should say "restarting", my long-forgotten blog. Which is kind of serendipitous, as I am embarking on a new adventure in approximately 59 days, and what better time than now to chronicle this recent development, which I will share at a later time. That is if I remember to update this blog.

Anyway, back to my insomnia. Have you ever been so tired that you're angry about it? I've been told that reality show contestants are often deprived of sleep so that they'll be extra dramatic for the camera. I am at that level of extra right now. I am extra af.

I guess I'll play a round of expeditions on Forge of Empires till I fall asleep because I've tried everything else. Yes, including that one!