Robyn + Röyksopp in Chicago

There was a collective scream from my Facebook friends when I posted about Robyn and Röyksopp's Do It Again Tour coming to Chicago this summer.  So far, it's the closest one to Des Moines, unless they stop by in the Twin Cities.

Robyn performed at First Avenue in Minneapolis a few years back (2011).  At the time, none of my friends knew about her.  Body Talk Pt. 1 came out in June the previous year and it hasn't quite made its way to Middle America.  I've always liked her ever since her "Show Me Love" and "Do You Really Want Me" days.  Then she did "With Every Heartbeat," and from there grew my appreciation for the Swedish pop-star.  She's the only gay pop icon that I'm not embarrassed to be caught listening to ( and maybe occasionally Kylie).

Meanwhile, Röyksopp was a band that I only knew about through a Geico advert.  It wasn't until their "Miss It So Much" came on my Pandora station during a make-out session my senior year of college.  I've liked them since then.

I'm sooo ready to finally see them live in concert!  Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.  I hope I wake up early enough.