Monday, March 27, 2017

The Most Efficient Way To Purge Your Closet

This was how much closet space I had at my old apartment.

My tiny studio apartment had more storage space than counter space.

My new place has a closet the size of one of the smaller closet. Since I'm moving, there is no better time to downsize my entire wardrobe. It is time to do the Marie Kondo challenge - again. The last time I tried it, I didn't even make a dent on the amount of crap in my closet. Good thing I moved to a place where there's plenty of closet space - which I'm sadly moving from.

What goes and what stays?

This was a lot tougher than you would think. Even just packing my winter clothes is a challenge, not only because I live in Iowa - where you experience all four seasons in a span of one week, but also because sometimes a heavy knit cardigan you've worn on a trip with your ex is just the inspiration you needed for an awareness campaign you're working on.

And how could you possibly throw out that Yale shirt! Yes, you didn't go there, and the story behind the shirt is a bit sordid, but there are memories attached it. The Kondo technique did say to live exclusively in clothes that gave me joy. So I guess that if a worn out shirt from a school I didn't even go to brings me joy, then I guess I'm keeping them.

I guess the best way to downsize my wardrobe is by simply being brutal about it.

Get rid of:

  • anything that is outdated or older than 5 years old - unless it is a staple piece. 
  • anything that I have multiples of, except underwear (obviously).
  • anything with a stain, a rip, misshapen, etc. - unless it's meant to be that way. 
  • anything that's ill-fitting.
This is a much more efficient way of doing this task, for me at least. Detaching myself from the emotions associated with each piece allows me to be objective - which is what's required. Decluttering/downsizing is logistical work, so you need to be logical.

I'll post a photo of the end result once I'm finished with this task and settled in my new place.

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