Monday, July 7, 2014

I Went To 80/35 For A Hot Minute

My Fourth of July weekend consisted of watching the first series of Sailor Moon on Hulu, in preparation for the premier of the reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, and briefly showing up at the 80/35 Music Festival.

I didn't plan on going, but having ADHD, binge watching is not something I'm likely to do. But I did manage to watch 9 out of the 18 episodes, plus the first episode of the new series. I also watched 6 episodes of Ranma 1/2. It wasn't until 7:00 pm on Saturday, that I decided that I should probably go down to the music festival.

Declining a free ticket from our Development Director at work, I did not see the main acts. Which was fine since I really wasn't into the headliners this year. That's why I didn't shell out $50 to see the remaining bands, especially when up-and-coming bands were performing at the free stages. Even in the past, when I had the opportunity to see the main acts, I preferred the free stages - not because it's free or the bands are better, but because the crowed is better.

Early in the evening, the Kum & Go stage had a pretty awesome punk band. I forgot their name. And towards the end of the night, while the Saturday main act, Cake, was on stage, the HyVee EDM stage had an awesome DJ spinning. I just wished that they had better light show to accompany the music.

The great thing about the free stages is that, if you're a trend forecaster, you can observe what the kids are into, sort of a "market research". If you're a savvy marketer, you'll learn where to invest your time, money, resources, etc. It's a known fact that what's cool is dictated by the youth. And when the grown-ups or marketers catch on, that means that it's time to move on to that next cool thing.
hands down, the best shirt at 80/35 this year.
90's style is definitely back. Early 90's, that is. Bro tanks and flower garland headpieces were the de rigueur fashion by the young attendees, serving some Coachella realness. One of the thing about 80/35 is that it's an opportunity for mild mannered Iowa folks to dress up in some pretty eclectic fashion. Also, there were a lot of hula-hoops.

Check out some of the photos from the festival here: 80/35 Photos. (A few of them were shot by my friends and sometime collaborators, Anna Frederick & Cody Osen)

I can't tell you if I enjoyed 80/35, or if I think that this year was better than the previous ones. I had a good time, for sure, but mainly because people were generally having a great time. I only observed a small portion of it, so I can't judge the festival as a whole. Whatever I feel about it, it's important to support these type of events. They bring variety to the city, and it's something to do. I applaud the people behind events like this. Good job!

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